Consulting Services

I provide consulting and freelancing services for Webmasters of English and German domains. This is how I can help you:

  • Comprehensive domain audit
  • Creation and implementation of a proven SEO strategy
  • Creation of Adwords, Search and Remarketing campaigns
  • Growthhacking new or untapped Marketing channels
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Setting up an Email Marketing campaign
  • WordPress SEO
  • Paid and unpaid Social Media campaigns
  • Influencer outreach & traditional PR
  • Help with Adwords certification
  • Help with Hubspot certification
  • Discounted rates for NGO’s

My record speaks for itself. Within 10 months of joining, organic visibility had doubled. In the last 12 months, I have been working hard to bring, my current employer, further. I am the only Marketer at the 6 person startup, but have worked tirelessly to grow traffic with the help of my CEO.

The results have been impressive. The number of backlinks has increased x10, organic traffic is up significantly and conversion rates are also greatly improved. All within 12 months. I can’t promise you top 10 rankings, but I can promise to increase your traffic significantly if given the chance.


Employers is a global real estate platform. Funded by Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based company has a strong focus on SEO. During my time there, I doubled the Search visibility of the Nigerian domain, while also growing traffic for the Qatar, Kenyan, and Ghanaian tlds. is a global Peer to Peer Lending platform, which provides access to working capital for small businesses and double digit returns for lenders. In the timeĀ I have spent here, I spearheaded the SEO, SEM, Social and Email marketing strategies. I am the Marketing team and have been in charge of implementing cross-channel strategies, while also researching new growth opportunities.

Breaking Walls in Berlin is an NGO which aims to resolve conflict through peaceful dialogue. By creating a safe environment for people with differing opinions to exchange their points of view, Breaking Walls manages to resolve conflict and bring people closer together. As an Online Marketing Consultant, I have helped shape the NGO’s online presence, and am working with the CEO to implement a comprehensive Marketing strategy.