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Reach is one of the most important concepts in Online marketing. Your ability to find and interact with potential customers is vital for the success of your business, regardless of niche. This is why companies pay top dollar for IOS and Android apps, Adwords campaigns, Chrome extensions, Email marketing, Facebook campaigns, WordPress plugins and countless other channels. No matter where you are or what you're doing, big companies will find a way to interact with you. 

For most of us however, this kind of reach is a pipe-dream. Our companies simply don't have the resources to create many high-quality touch-points to communicate with customers. ?As a result, the reach of our marketing activity is limited to conventional means, fighting it out with hundreds of competitors.

Pushcrew is changing that in the short term, allowing companies to send browser push notifications to users on any device.

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Pushcrew Review

As a result, Pushcrew has become an essential addition to my Marketing toolbox. Easy, effective and free - up to a point - Pushcrew is a weapon you need to have in your arsenal. 

Pushcrew review | Walkthrough

Before we go into the strengths and weaknesses, let's quickly discuss the end-to-end process; from implementation to notification. 


Sign up

I signed up for the free account. This let's you collect up to 600 subscribers on one website. You can easily upgrade to a Premium account, which allows up to 2000 subscribers for $25 a month. 

The free account is fine to start with.?



Implementation couldn't be easier.  In your dashboard, look to your left and click "get code". Copy and paste the provided snippet into the head section of your website. 

Alternatively, you could paste it into a text editor widget (WordPress) and place it in your blog's side bar.  Landing pages are usually without side bars, meaning that the sign up notification does not appear, and users are not distracted from converting.

(If this is unclear, leave a comment below and I will clarify)


Managing your subscribers

My experience suggests that around 100 users a month are happy to accept push notifications. 

Depending on how frequently I post, I tend to lose quite a few users as well however; around 40 last month. This is on a blog with about 20,000 clicks per month (not this one).

Pushcrew subscriber management

Make sure to "allow" notifications for yourself. That way, you will receive the same notifications as your fellow subscribers, which is good for quality control.


Sending push notifications

In order to send push notifications, click the green "Send Push Notification" button on the top left of your dashboard. You will then be able to include a title, short body and link.

Send Push notification

?I've noticed that CTR's tend to be better when a utf-8 character is included in the title. Definitely worth keeping mind.

Once you've crafted your perfect notification, send it out. ?If you followed my advice in the previous step and subscribed to your own notifications, you should receive one almost instantly.

By default, it should appear on the bottom right of the screen, and will only go away once exited or clicked. This can be changed in the settings.


Monitoring results

Results will obviously vary from site to site, but it might be worth going into mine as a benchmark for you. 

Bitbond Pushcrew statistics

As you can see, only around half of my subscribers tend to receive a push notification. I think this is because the other half is simply not at their desktop at the time.

The CTR is very encouraging however, hovering around the 10% mark. This suggests, that those who do receive them, are very engaged and valuable to the platform.

My opinion | Pushcrew review

Pushcrew is the most exciting marketing tool since BuzzSumo. It's incredibly easy to use, and the ability to send push notifications to engaged users - for free - is simply sensational. 

On top of the quick and easy functionality, I love the data reporting which makes it simple to optimise notifications in accordance with your subscribers reactions.

The only negative is the relatively low delivery rate. The free plan is limited to 600 subscribers, 300 of which will regularly not receive a notification. If we assume a 10% CTR then an average of 30 clicks per notification is as good as you can hope for. 30 notifications per month results in around 900 additional sessions. Not a huge amount.

?This is why I will be upgrading to 2,000 subscribers for $25 a month, once 600 is reached. If we take the figures from the previous example, I can count on 1,000 deliveries and 100 clicks per notification; or 3000 sessions per month with the Premium membership. 

Incredible value for money when compared to other marketing channels; especially when the quality of traffic is taken into account. In my experience, visitors from Push notifications spend close to 5 minutes on the site, and visit 4.5 pages per session; well above average.

That's all from my Pushcrew review. Have you tried Pushcrew or a competitor? Let me know what you think in the comments below! Thanks for reading.?

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